Thursday, January 12, 2006

A kind of Crappy Day

Well here we are another day in The Artist's Way. So my activity that I am going to share today is the one about 5 other lives. I had a lot of fun with this one. The excercise was esentially to choose 5 other lives that I would love to be living. Here are mine:

1. A lead actress in a broadway musical with an amazing home in New York City.
2. A social worker. A strong powerful woman exuding compassion and joy.
3. An artist. Able to support myself entirely from my art.
4. A novelist.
5.A folk/rock muscian.

All very exciting prospects. So, now about my kind of crappy day. I found out today that I will be having laprascopic surgery within the next 4 weeks. I had the same surgery in 1999 and I know that it is not too too scary but it is unnerving. I will need to take some time off from work. In any case I am unsetteled by this news. I think what is most unsettleing to me is that I feel I know the cosmic reason that this has come down to pike to me at this time. I do believe that this is the universe presenting a lesson to me in recieveing. This is something that I, like many women stuggle contiunously with. The art of recieving and not feeling the need to even the scales so to speak. I find myself very uncomfortable when someone does something for me or gives something to me and I don't have the ability to immediately do something in return. Through the short recovery time from this surgery I will be forced to compassionately recieve from my friends and husband. The lesson for me will be how to accomplish this with grace and without guilt.

hmmmm my heart is humming.

In love and light,

p.s I have worked on some watercolor backgrounds today and am hoping to have some art to share with you tommorow. Pending the computer gods are on my side.


Miranda said...


Oh sweetie,I am so sorry to hear your news. Please let me know what I can do to help- I love you, and am thinking of you!


Jana B said...

"2. A social worker. A strong powerful woman exuding compassion and joy."

You know, I used to dream of that... I'd forgotten that dream. I may have to add that to this weeks extra 5. :)

About the surgery... at least the Artist's Way will help keep you busy as you recouperate.

I heard once that when you repay someone for helping you, you rob them of the blessing of giving. It's wise advice... but I stink at following it hahaha