Sunday, December 31, 2006

And onto a new year...

Here I am on the eve of 2007. I have made some decisions about what the next few months are going to look like. Well, I made some decisions and the universe chose some things for me to be fair. As the universe has projected, I will not be taking classes this semester. With the exception of my very time consuming job I will be back to focusing on me. I have joined weight watchers online community today with the goal of losing 65 lbs.... I am actually pretty excited about this! I have also decided to check out this whole letterboxing trend... seems something I will enjoy. In essence I am going to actually truly commit to learning how to take care of myself and take my healing journey to the next level.
I have been working with a personal trainer on and off over the last couple months and have really enjoyed it. I have started some weight lifting and she and I have been working the bench press which makes me feel increadibly powerful. I am hoping with a combination of the strength building and the weightloss I will learn to experience living in my body as a positive and empowering thing. It makes me so sad to think this but in reality I don't think one day of my 28 years on this planet has been spent living from a place of acceptance and joy. I have spent all of my time looking at myself from the outside in. I need to learn to experience life from my own body, and I think a big part of that is going to be getting in touch with taking care of my body. So here we go, another leg of the journey.