Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here we are on Tuesday!

I wanted to take a moment to express how overjoyed I am about all of the amazing feedback I am getting on this here blog! The fact that I have dear friends, and old friends and strangers reading my words and supporting me in such an amazing way brings me to tears of joy... thank you. On that note, it has been a long and exhausting day so rather than write today I am going to share some visuals with you lovely people. Firstly will be my "Life Pie" from the Artist's Way week 2 (keep up the amazing work all you AWer's out there!) and secondly the art that the life pie excercise sparked in me... hmmmmmmm

I send you all angels of joy to buzz blissfully arounds you while you sleep.

In love and light,


Jana B said...

Jocelyn, you crack me up!!!!!

Can't you just picture the expressions on the faces of the men doing AW with us right now?!!!! I'm sure they'd LOVE to have their very own Artist's Way "support bra"!!!!

You should DEFINATELY let your mischevious fairie out more often! Hehehehe

(Sorry, just HAD to post that, and was afraid you wouldn't check back in to kat's post to see it if I posted there)

Thanks for your support on my blog, it means a LOT!

Jana B said...

Hmmm.... the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Support Bra"... that has a nice ring to it! Maybe someone will write a book about us someday?