Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hello! Above is my first submittion to Mixed Media Memoirs and I am very excited about how it turned out! This has been a good art week for me. I started working with the acrylic paints that I recieved from Erin's family last week. I have had alot of fun with that. I have also been able to keep up with my morning pages and am going to start this week's artist date as soon as I finish with my blog here! This week's date is a steaming cup of tea and a couple of Hollywood gossip magazines and a silent house.... oh and then I am going to take a nap.... oh lala.

I want to share one of the tasks from this week. 3 of my obvious rotten habits and my subtle rotten habits. The obvious ones are 1. I eat chocolate in excess on a daily basis. 2. I only excercise like twice a week at a maximum and 3. I take sleeping pills every night. My subtle rotten habits are 1. I beat myself up about rotten habits 1 and 2. 2. I smoke when I am at Erin's house even though I quit smoking months ago. 3. I neglect my self care. Hmmm the tasks this week have not been easy for me and I will talk about it more on Saturday with the weekly check in. I think mostly it is all this looking back into my childhood stuff. It's not that I had a horrible childhood by any means it's just that a lot of my self image and esteem issues are very deeply rooted in the past and it makes it difficult and uncomfortable to explore that territory. I did have a very productive therapy session yesterday where we addressed some communication skills that I can work on to improve my ability to stand up for myself with my family ..... this is tough stuff for me.

I am feeling like this post is really disjointed. Perhaps that is the theme for me this week. I have been feeling out of sorts on and off all week. Emotionally and physically. I am adjusting to the Effexor which I have been on about a week now. I have also been eating like crap and not excercising all week so that doesn't help matters. I did get up this morning, work out and ate a really solid breakfast and lunch which did improve the way I feel a bit but I am starting to bottom out again. SOOO I think I shall take my nap now and make my self care the priority for my day and see if I survive or if my whole world falls apart! Gotta work on those bad habits sometime!

In love and light,


Jana B said...

Great first MMM! Is that you with a REINDEER? Is there a story behind that pic? LOL

I thought your bad habits were interesting... If my blogreaders read them, they would SWEAR I was the one who wrote them! Especially the one about the chocolate. (Tho, I don't take "sleeping pills" per se... I just feel an allergy coming on each night and take Benadryl! lol)

"we addressed some communication skills that I can work on to improve my ability to stand up for myself with my family ..... this is tough stuff for me."

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and I'm wondering what exactly "bodyworker" is... I looked it up online but I couldn't find a good explaination. How is it different from traditional massage therapy?

Good grief, as usual my reply to your post is longer than your original post was! *sigh*

Well, I hope you're enjoying a WONDERFUL nap, and that you wake up feeling much better. *hugs*

Jana B said...

In reply to your replies on my blog... (lol)

YES A digital cam would be WONDERFUL!!!!!!

The knitting projects are on the left side of my blog, you can click on them go to to the sites. The Shawl project is for beginners, the Olympics is for any level... you choose your project. I am DEFINATELY a beginner! LOL

Nope, I didn't feel neglected when you didn't post on my blog, though I did worry some when you didn't post on yours.

Recipes... hmm... What kind should we do next week? Sounds like a fun tradition to me! Let me know if you have any suggestions. :)

Leah said...

hey there jocelyn!!

your artist date sounds simply divine!!

your mmm came out great!! i love the painted background especially.

i'm having a real up and down, disjointed kind of week too, so I hear ya! ((Hugs))

donna said...

It is impossible to eat chocolate in excess.

The Tart said...

Ok, you really need to join the IF....start looking at this link.... ,she has some great stuff and lots of cool links to other artists web sites.

Then...go here...

This does not require perfect art and you can use photos & yours...

The Tart

kan said...

Hope you feel better soon!

erin said...

i love the final product for "mixed media memoirs." Joce I'm thinking of you!

FDF said...

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