Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here's my champion!

Another Day!

Well here we are another day on The Artist's Way journey. Today was another long day of work and I actually made it to the gym today which was very exciting indeed! I have decided that in my entry today I am going to share a couple of the Artist's Way tasks that I have worked on. The first is to share my affirmation of the week. I find it increadibly powerful. It is an affirmation that my massage therapy teacher, Karl shared with me and it stuck. If this affirmation resonates with you I encourage you to experiment with it!

I love my body and I trust it's wisdom.

I also want to share one of my "Champions of my Creative Self-Worth"

One of the amazing women in my life has become one of my number one cheerleaders when it comes to my healing journey and my creative, authentic self. Her name is Erin and I want to introduce this amazing being to you. Erin is willing to support me in any way I need. From creative support vocally , to accompaning me on creative journeys to being my emotional touchstone in all times of need. Erin is like my good angel here in this dimension. She makes me laugh, let's me cry, holds my hand and shoves me square in the behind when necessary. I love her dearly and I can safetly say she loves me too just as dearly and that feels really nice to share. Yeah Foley!

So that's all for today my friends, tommorow I see a new doctor who will hopefully have some effective suggestions and assistance for my anxiety crap, I will keep you posted on that very frustrating side road of my journey, I am sure there are those of you out there that can relate to the frustrations of medication experimentation but that is a discussion for another day. Good night!

In love and light,


kat said...

oo, i love that affirmation! i'm definitely gonna write that one down.

i have trouble thinking of my creative champions...i'll have to think on that tonite.

Wendi said...

Hi Jocelyn!
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such nice comment! I love the affirmation, and it is especially meaningful for me today as I started yoga last night, and my body's a little sore this morning. :)

I hope your medication issues get worked out quickly. I was one of the very few lucky ones who hit it with the first med I tried - Prozac has worked very well for me, with no side effects, and has quite literally changed my life. I'll keep a good thought for you and your doc. Take care,

Miranda said...


I left a message on your very first message by accident- I didn't realize I could leave one for each of your posts. Anyhow, I love you, and the other one is there for you to read!


Jana said...

It sounds like you have one amazing creative champion! Thanks for sharing about that and your affirmation. :)