Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OMG I am so excited about all the new fun stuff I have been doing. I have discovered the Suzi Blu community.. Love Love Love her! You can find here her Um she pretty much rocks and the folks in the community I can only just say go explore experience and get invloved.. .AMAZING people to be found all in one convient space... spend some time in the chat room under "Love" trust me you will love it!

Progress is being made with CynicalMe. Ry and I are working on getting a launch on blogtalkradio these things take time with the hustle bustle of life but I will keep you posted here and on the cynicalme blog.. fun will abound encased in copious amounts of sarcasm!

Ok and to close for today based on one of Suzi's vids I have my first real art journal spread that I am proud of to present to you! Enjoy sending you love and healing light and creative inspiration! I hate how inept I am computer wise I can never get the stupid picture where I want it but I am living in a place of acceptance today so alas.... I accept!