Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Evening,

Today has been a very long, very difficult day. There was a lot of change that took place in my workplace and it has me unsetteled. On a positve note I did accomplish my morning pages today and I did three of the excercises. I was a bit skeptical of this process at first. Especially with all of the healing work I am doing outside of The Artist' Way. I have questioned whether or not my commitment would stay solid once I actually starting "doing" the excercises. I feared I would become too overwhelmed or find myself to be to self absorbed and narcisitic. I actually had a co-worker say to me that some people shouldn't look so deep into themselves as they may not be able to handle what they find and will get stuck in a perpetual cycle of narcissism and driver everyone around them crazy.... it is noteworthy to mention that I very much disagree with this. I have spent so many years hiding and covering up that it is time for me to be completely self-absorbed ya know? I knew eventually the day would come that I would finally have to deal with myself and now it is here upon us. I feel grateful to have the Artist's Way and the support of all of you beautiful beings reading my words and giving me supportive feedback. I thank you to the deepest depths of my soul. For now I am feeling the need to lie next to my husband and heal in silence this evening.

In love and light,

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