Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello my blogery friends! This is my very first Artist Trading Card and I am so very proud of it. I watercolored the background paper and then stamped and embelished it. This has been my joy of the week thus far.

I am feeling really disconnected from my blog. Pehaps because I have spent so much time lately creating rather than writing about creating. I guess I am at a place in my healing where I am celebrating my growth and healing in the creation of my arts. Though, I am having a difficult time not feeling guilty for my lack of passion when it comes to this here blog. Ah well it is all part of process. Today I had my therapy session over the phone as my car is without a working transmission and therfor I am housebound until it gets fixed next week.

I want to talk for a moment about this over the phone buisness. The session itself was validating and wonderful as usual. What I find so extraodinary is the fact that my therapist was willing to take the time and just have a conversation with me off the clock. I think that I got so used to sublevel medical care that when one of my doctors goes above and beyond like this I am completely bowled over. Another example is my amazing OBGYN who is performing my surgery in 3 weeks. She is going into private practice in a couple weeks and called me yesterday in between surgeries from the hosipital just to put my mind at ease that she still intends to care for me. She too is absolutely amazing. I know how frustrating it can be to be unhappy with the level of care you recieve from your doctors. I just want to encourage people who are unhappy to seek put a better situation and not settle as I setteled for so long. Having a couple of doctors that I feel are really in my corner has made a tremendous diffence in all aspects of my healing including the value I put upon myself.

On that note, tommorow is a day filled with pre-op appointments. I am actually looking forward to meeting with my anestheiologist and nurse so that I feel better prepared. I will try to check in tommorow and tell you all how it goes but if I do not get a chance I will be back over the weekend.

Oh and by the way.... that job I hate so much... I am leaving it soon! After the surgery and postcare I will be moving on and am just exstatic as can be about that!

Hope all of you being of light are living well!

In love and light,


In Otter Space said...

What abeautiful ATC. Don't feel quilty about not blogging esp. if you are creating instead. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

anup.777 said...

I agree with IOS ... don't worry about that ... everyone has different priorities at different points of time ... its okay to be you! :)

BTW ... good news on the job ... just be true to urself ... Wish u all the very best in life ... God Bless You!

Jessica said...

You go girl! I am so proud of you. It is validating to hear your experience with medicine, thank you for sharing.

Also, you know that NO ONE could be more happy for you about leaving AE, but remember forgiveness is the price we pay for freedom! It took me some time to recover from that place.

I love you Joce!


erin said...

I cannot lie to you, when i opened your blog i was blown away by your trading card. i really like it a lot. its beautiful.

I want one. ;)

harmonyinline said...

What a wonderful first Artist Trading Card. Hope you will show us more.

Hope all goes well as you prepare for your surgery, how very comforting to have medical people you can trust.

You have been tagged. I was tagged by greenishlady and I am passing on the artist way tag.

You can find the meme on my site or on greenishlady's site

I hope you are feeling well enough to share this bit of yourself with the rest of us. Don't press yourself if you're not.

Wendi said...

Beautiful card, Jocelyn! I think that dragonfly symbolizes the liberation of your spirit. The Objibwa believe that dragonflies are the spirits of the ancestors come to help us in this world now that they are free.

Congrats on the job, too. Nothing saps energy worse, espcially for a creative person, than an unenjoyed job.

Sounds like life is looking better for you, and I'm so glad! Take care. :)

eliza said...

you sound great! love the dragonfly card. and you're so lucky to have good doctors. i had one i loved for a year and a half, but she left for a specialty practice and all i got to let me know i'd been ditched was a form letter from the office. it felt like a betrayal. but i wish her well. thanks for the reminder that there are good ones out there. i will find another.

anyway, i also came by to tell you that i "tagged" you. i'm not sure exactly what this entails, but you can check out my post called "five lists if four and a fiver" for a little more info. hope you're into it. maybe it will help you feel reconnected with your blog. if you want to feel that way, i mean. peace!

Sioux said...

I really like your blog, and I was stunned to see your first ATC which looks almost identical to mind! Wow!