Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Saturday stuck at work!

Hello all! I have a lot to write about today so I am going to try and be a bit organized and hope you all don't get too bored with me... especially as I am not sharing any lovely eye candy today... perhaps if you are good next week I will post some more of my projects.

Okay so AW Week 5 Check In:
1. I only did my morning pages 4 out of 7 days this week. BUT I do not feel guilty about it, which is lovely. I have been much more focused on getting well this week than the structure of the AW process, so I am okay with it. On the days that I did my morning pages I did enjoy them this week with less resistance.

2. This week I did not do my Artist's date. In fact, I had doctor's appointments on all the days that I wasn't at work for 12+ hours so I did not want to "schedule" any more of my off time. In lieu of the artist's date however this week I did spend more time than usual in my studio creating art.

3. don't feel like answering this this week.

4. I would say my ability to set aside the structure and rules of AW and just allow myself to create and heal this week was pretty signifigant to my recovery. I had more confidence in my creations as well. I can't wait to share my matchbook shrine with yall!

OKay that is all for the check in this week. Today I am stuck at work for an amazing 12 hour shift which I am none too excited about. My car is in the shop so my husband has to drive me to and from work all weekend and we are expecting a big snow storm tommorow... joy oh joy. Oh the upside I started a new novel which I am really enjoying it is One For the Money by Janet Evanovich which is the first of 11 that are in the series about Stephanie Plum who is a crazy cool bounty hunter. My therapist told me if I didn't like them I couldnt tell her as she could no longer be my friend so I was a little worried... but man, it is funny and I wish I could read all day instead of doing work! I am definitly checking the rest of them out of the library to read post op in my recovery do nothing time... now I am reallly excited!

Okay the last thing I am going to address today is that I have been tagged by both and Eliza from So ladies here it is

1. Four wishes, dreams and desires:
a. to open a private massage and polarity practice in my home.
b. to own a digital camera
c. to visit the Greek isles
d. to obtain a bachelors degree

2. Four imaginary lives:
a. An ecelctic author of romance novels.
b. A full time artist with an amazing studio.
c. The lead actress in a Broadway musical in NYC.
d. to be a mom

3. Four things I should change:
a. my job
b. how often I use the phrase "I should..."
c. my excercise regime
d. the amount I eat sweets.

4. Four things I like about Artist's Way:
a. I love doing the writing tasks on Monday and Tues while I am at work
b. I love the feeling of community we have in the way we are doing it together.
c. I love the essays each week and find her writing very insightful.
d. I am beginning to love the morning pages.

5. Four things I hope to get out of the Artist's Way:
a. Confidence in my creating.
b. Clarity of my goals
c. Contiued sisterhood
d. Love for myself and my inner artist.

Okay I am all worn out now so I am going to be a stinker and I am not going to tag anybody today... perhaps tommorow, we'll have to wait and see. I hope you are all doing well and taking car of yourselves and your souls.

In love and light,


melba said...

Maybe you wrote about this, but are you stuck at work as a massage therapist? I know what it is like to be in a job you are not happy with, when you feel like you are meant to be doing something else. I wish I had an AW group back when I felt that way because I stayed in retail way too long. I am glad you are starting the healing process...I am not even sure if that is what you meant by my healing journey. The texture on your MMM was really nice. I like your ATC too, nice colors and effect with the dragon fly. I want to see more!

Leah said...

i think it's absolutely wonderful how you are not feeling guilty, taking care of yourself, and feeling more confident. i'm cheering you on!! rah! rah!

anup.777 said...

I too spent this Saturday stuck at work!

"Four things I should change:
b. how often I use the phrase "I should..."

lolz ... that took the cake! :)

Jana B said...

*waiting expectantly to see the matchbook shrine*

I started to read one of the Janet Evanovich books but it later in the series, so I keep saying I'm going to start with the first one in the series... The book I started looked good, but you know they don't make as much sense when you start in mid-series!!!

Elizabeth Peters is also an excellent writer... she has a series called the Amelia Peabody mysteries or something like that, they are my ABSOLUTE favorites! They're mysteries set in the world of Egyptian archeology in the late 1800s/early 1900s. You wind up learning a lot about Egyptian life, culture, and of course about archeology. I get them on tape and listen to them as I drive or as I toss & turn on insomniac nights!

So, when you say you want to change the amount of sweets you eat... are you wanting to be good and eat less... or be bad like me and eat more??? LOL (Sorry, I know what you meant, but I just HAD to comment!)

As usual, I have written you a novel... if I keep this up, I'll need to hire a publisher!!! LOL

*hug* Have a great week!