Saturday, February 04, 2006

Artist's Way Week 4 Check In

1. I did my morning pages 6 out of 7 days this week. It felt like I didn't really have anything to say in my pages this week. It made them hard to get through and frustrating. I did not want to do them this week.

2. I did go on my artist's date this week. I took my inner artist to Michaels and AC Moore craft stores and spent a couple of hours perusing and picking up treats for myself. Then I went home and taught my inner artist how to make chocolate mousse! It was a really lovely day!

3. I can't say that I noticed any syncronicity this week- though I was feeling pretty disconnected so I very well could have missed it!

4. I joined the yahoo group clothpaperstudio and found a whole new group of creative supporters. I m starting to recognize the divide that I have created between artistic and crafty as a safety for myself. I am trying to find a balance of both expressions in my life and an equal appreciation and respect for both of these aspects of myself.

So that is all she wrote for my check in this week! Now on to bigger and brighter things!

I am stuck at work again for another 12 hour day. It is loud here today. All the leasing department have taken over my normally quiet little bay and there is horrible music being played in the cubicle next to me. Not to mention most of the men in the leasing department are loud and showy... icky. I wish they would all go home and leave me in peace and quiet. Crappy energy in here today.
I have been pretty busy today but I did manage to spend some surfing the net. One of the women from my birthday group on clothpaperstudio is Gina. It is her birthday month for February. That means that all the other members of the group send her a little something like an embelished tag or Artist's trading card. I was working really hard all week putting stuff together for her that I am pretty proud of. THEN I found that she has a buisness and a website I checked out some of her mixed media work and OMG this woman really does some amazing stuff! I was drooling over the sister circle journal pages sooooo beautiful. But now I have inner critics creeping in about my work. I am really new at Mixed Media and have been having a lot of fun with it but I am starting to feel itimidated now that I see what some of these other ladies are doing. Ah well perhaps the more I practice the better I will feel about my work.

Okay I am getting a headache and a great deal of impatience with my job so I shall say farewell for today. Perhaps tommorow I will be able to write from a better place!

In love and light,


Jana B said...

I know what you mean about the inner critic... I've basically quit looking at the other mixed media artists at MMM because then I feel like slime. LOL But, that's okay... we're new to this, we have the right to try mixed media because it's fun, and not make it a struggle because we're trying so hard to be good. Does that make sense?

Sorry about the crappy energy. *wondering if positive energy can be sent through a modem without blowing up anything*

Jessica said...

Miss Joce,

Rejoice in the fact that you recognize the voice of your "inner critic" that is the first step! Congratulations! We should celebrate. Look at this like an opportunity to say, listen "inner critic" I've been meaning to have a little chat with you, and I am not so sure your services are needed any longer.

You GO GIRL! Hey, also, remember that anything you create is a product of your heart, and we all know how beautiful your heart is. Love it. Cherish it. Most importantly, don't judge it!

I love you Joce!


eliza said...

wow - sounds like your artist is taking many brave steps. wonderful.

krista- the silent k said...

One of the things I love about the Mixed Media Memoirs site is that it is unpretentious.

It is creating little pieces of our stories and decorating them in sometimes simple way, and sometimes less simple.

I love the work everyone has been doing on the mmm site, including yours!!!