Sunday, August 19, 2007

Early Morning....

Once again another overnight shift has me up at 6am, waiting for the guys to wake up. It will be a hectic morning for sure, and a hectic day to follow with a family barbeque to contend with only five hours of interrupted sleep to hold me over. The train is going by now, it's the morning frieght and even after over a year of working here I have not gotten used to it's loudness in the early morning, the horn so disruptive.

This week was a killer. My birthday came and went and I survived is the best I can say about it. It's funny how when going through a divorce, even when you have emotionally moved on from that person the smallest of their neglects magnify to extreme proportions and seem to throw the whole healing process off kilter. When I suppose, that is what the healing process is to begin with. A balancing act, like the Tarot card Adjustment, with the woman standing balanced perfected on the tip of a sword. ... Anyway needless to say, Kevin forgot my birthday and the hurt of that still sits very deep in my heart. I am angry as hell.. another stage of the healing process which my grandmother is very fond of but at the same time, I have new soul in my life who is making things just a bit easier for me. He is kind to me and allows me to be kind to myself. This is such a volatile time that it is very comforting to know that there are still some men in the world who are very present and aware....

that's all for now, steeped in mystery I know.... starting to think about Just Be in October, only 2 months away now, are any of you lovelies attending??

In love and light,

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