Sunday, May 27, 2007

And now it is time for a recap of my now ending vacation. I am feeling a bit anxious about going back to work, I could use another week of vacation. I definitely did not get all the rest that I needed and anticipated and yet it was a pretty full and productive week.
I saw my nana for the first time in 12 years which was actually much more emotional than I anticipated. She is an absolutely lovely woman and I am exstatic to have an opportunity to build a relationship with her, even so late in her life. Complicated family circumstances have kept us seperated over the years and I feel I have a lot of time to make up for. Beyond spending time with nana I had several doctors appointments. They are still trying to figure out what is going on with my system. I had an ultrasound and everything there came back fine but now I have to have an endoscopy and stomach biaopsy which I am not looking forward to but alas, what can you do. Now, to explain my budda here, I went antiquing for the first time as inspired by Artsymama's blog, ( you can check her and her fabulousness out here.) I came upon this stone carved budda and he just spoke to me so I had to take him home and he has been watching over me this week keeping my anxiety level down and I am ever so grateful to him! I have also been able to do a lot of yoga and crafting this week. I took a beading class yesterday to make this. and I have been working on it all week. Okay now I have an underline and I have no idea how to get rid of it! I was all impressed with myself because I finally figured out how to put links into my blog entries and now I am stuck in underline land.... I am sooooo not tech saavy!



mera said...

...that Buddah is so you Joce...good find!

Susan Tuttle said...

That Buddah is a great find--very peaceful looking.

How wonderful that you and your Nana have reconnected--what a special gift!

Good luck with your procedures--I'll keep you in my thoughts.


ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I'm so excited you're taking one of my classes. It's going to be sooo much fun:) Love this Buddha head. Great find! Thanks for your kind words about my blog. You're very sweet!