Friday, December 12, 2008

How pathetically long it has been. I have procrastinated and procrastinated posting because so much has changed that I don't even feel like the same person who last posted this. In the last year I have recovered from my divorce, lost my devil cat, moved to another town into a crap apartment with a roommate..tho am really excited to have a dishwasher, started creating again, gotten into a shitload of debt, made an entirely different group of friends, changed medications :), reconnected with old friends and rejoined teamgirl! Oh and finally started CynicalMe in the form of a radio show.. AND had a series of really really fucking bad dates which you will hear all about on CynicalMe. I also became obsessed with Kate Nash and indie music, decided to only eat Italian food, managed to get my oil changed, started smoking again, broke my ankle and um I think that might be about it. Sooo... are we all caught up now?

Here is my hope: I hope to return to blogworld with my new and refreshed perspective and to stop whining like a pathetic person as evidenced by (that a shout out to my work peeps) pretty much every previous post here.

Ok that all being said I am back and now I am going to go and deal with my anxiety surrounding that and starting with my next post no more catching up just the new me pure and simple.


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