Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Inspiration brings me back!

Hello there,

First and foremost I apologise for amy absence. Things in my life became a bit unmanagable for a little while there. My job (the group home) overtook all of my time when I lost a lot of staff and was working 60+ hours a week. I then got really into art swaps and kind of neglected all other creative outlets for awhile. Things have calmed at work and I have finished all swaps that I signed on for and then I recieved an email from Melba about Create a Connection and it was like POOF! I am back to blogging. And as I started reading some of my old favorites again I realized how very much I missed the world of blog.
My art has expanded scince I last blogged and I will share with all of you some mixed media paintings that I have done for swaps recently when I have access to my home computer.
My health is still a struggle. I continue to work hard to conquer my anxiety and depression and am in the process of a host of different tests to rule out something more serious like lyme disease at the moment so that has been a bit stressful. Though I think I am handling it in stride working from the strength I have gained in myself over the last year.
My marriage is on the rocks to put it lightly. Kevin and I have been married about 2 years and I don't know at this point how much longer we will be together. I love him tremendously and I know he loves me as well but there are crucial things that are just not working. As I heal and learn more about myself and grow as a person, my needs change. My desire the put everyone else before myself has diminished ever so slightly and he is not adjusting well to that.
So that is all I will say for now, an overwhelming update I know and I do apologise for that. Hopefully over the next day or so I can get my art posted so you have something fun and colorful to look at! I have missed this so..

In love and light,


Jana B said...


I'm excited to hear how your artwork has grown, and how you have grown... not always sacrificing for others is a HUGE step! You go girl!!

Sorry about your marriage. *hug*

Tanaya said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a note on my blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

I will be attending CAC in October. I have one roommate already, but maybe we could double up? email me directly if yoiu'd like to chat: tanaya (at)gmail(dot)com.