Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can you maintain cynicism and reach enlightenment?

I have continued in the perpetual struggle of accepting myself and living from a place of light an love. One of the things that I have viewed as getting in my way is my cynicsm and sarcasm. I have decided that I am not going to say farwell to these deep routed personality traits. Perhaps they are part of the sheid I use to protect myself from the world, but you know the ultimate goal here is not to be vulnerable but to be comfortable and for comfort I think we must all maintain some protection from the world. My cynicsm can sometimes stand in my way but perhaps rather than wishing it away I should make friends with it and learn to understand it and use it when it serves me and put it in my back pocket when it is getting in my way. ( holy run on sentence much? ) (oops! there's that sarcasm again) I need to recognize that I am a unique individual and I am not going to travel the same paths in the same way as anyone before me. I am forging into unknown territory of actually listening to what the universe is telling me and acting on... what's that word, oh yeah, FAITH (thank you dear ryan-you are my beacon of light)

So ALL that being said after spending the ENTIRE day in front of the television helping a poor soul nurse himself back from a hangover I drove home and I listened to what I had been told just last night. My focus is to be moving my body. The answers are in the exercise. As much as my spoiled brat cynical side whined and moaned I just worked my ass off for an hour and I feel just wonderful.

I close this entry with the announcement that in this moment I feel a great deal of pride in myself... I'm AWESOME!

In love and light,

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